• Consumers respect brands who respect data.

    Research shows that consumers share more with brands that respect their data. Not only that, more than 95% of customers would rather manage their data than opt-out of advertising.
  • Mitigate risk and increase trust.

    Regulation. Privacy. Consumer advocacy. In the face of ever increasing outside pressure, giving your customers the ability to control their data protects your business, improves marketing accuracy, and inspires consumer confidence.
  • Share data safely with consumers.

    Our dashboard syncs in real-time with your cookie pool or marketing database, and none of your customer information ever touches our servers.
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About enliken

Enliken is "transparency as a service." We’ve spent the last two years building apps that make it simple and safe for companies to be transparent with consumer data.

Through our dashboard, businesses can show consumers data they've gathered about them and ask for feedback. Companies that rely on consumer data use Enliken to protect their brand, promote a safer Internet, and make their marketing more user friendly.

Founded in 2011, we’re based in NYC and Seattle.


  • Marc Guldimann CEO & Founder

    Marc is an expert on the intersection of privacy, online behavioral advertising and data gathering. Previously, Marc was the founding CEO of Spongecell, where he led product, client services and strategy for the interactive advertising platform. Prior to Spongecell, Marc deployed the first wireless virus filter at Vernier Networks and led technical operations at Network Chemistry. He has a degree in Social Decision Sciences from Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Avniel Dravid CTO & Founder

    Avniel has developed and managed mission-critical apps for web startups and global enterprises using three generations of web technology including Java/J2EE/Scala, Ruby on Rails and Node.js. In addition to technical skills, Avniel has experience in financial services, enterprise consulting, and early stage investing. At Ojas Venture Partners, he was the first hire at a $35M venture fund focused on early stage technology companies in South Asia. In Seattle, he facilitated $5.8M invested in 31 Pacific Northwest startups while at The Alliance of Angels. He holds a BS from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from The University of Washington, where he was a Gates Entrepreneurship Fellow and Fritzky Leadership Fellow.

  • Andrew Smeall VP of Business Development

    Andrew joined Enliken to work on practical solutions to data privacy. In the past, he managed the uFollow project at Hindawi Publishing and spent three years working as a media producer at Asia Society. His interests include JavaScript, Chinese hot pot, and fiction of any kind. Andrew has a degree in Chinese Literature from Yale University and an MBA from NYU Stern.

  • Jaimee Lederman HR & Legal

    Jaimee brings experience in both corporate law and litigation as a law firm associate, as well as a background in economic consulting.